Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More from ZETA

This will be a short post because I have time but not a whole lot of it.  I was notified by an active member of the German zoo rights group ZETA a week beforehand that they were planning on organizing a public screening of COMING SOON as well as a public talk from one (modern) EFA member, Karel, in Berlin.  For reasons I have discussed before, I vehemently warned my contact against this, but was updated on Friday, after the demonstration, and assured that the film was introduced by Karel as being wholly a work of fiction.  Furthermore, the twenty members of the public who attended the screening, who were not favourably disposed towards upon arriving, left stating in a poll that they were much more likely to be more empathetic towards zoophiles.

Two ZETA members also gave an interview (German) on Sunday.

All in all, however critical I may be of everything that goes on, I must salute ZETA for stepping up and changing minds across Germany and hopefully, soon, across the world.  I hope that their actions will inspire other groups in other nations to stand up and ignite crucial debates.

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  1. Hi J.D.,

    I suppose you mean the interview of me and an 2nd zoo on TAZ of last sunday. But we are members of ZETA. You can read it here: http://www.taz.de/!110205/

    Oliver Burdinski

  2. i commented on your ridiculous attack on Coming Soon but you never published it. Why do you even have this 'comments' section?

    Now you see that your post was wrong, will you admit it?

    At least you'll have to admit that no one takes you seriously since they (rightfully) ignored your 'vehement objections' and are now proudly proclaiming their collaboration with bot E.F.A. and Coming Soon: http://blog.zeta-verein.de/2013/02/pressestimmen-zu-den-aktuellen-ereignissen/ and http://blog.zeta-verein.de/2013/02/toleranz-durch-aufklarung/ and Es liegt an uns allen, wie die Zukunft wird. Keiner hat ernsthaft geglaubt, dass jemals irgendwo auf der Welt einmal Zoophile für ihre Rechte auf die Straße gehen würden. Und dennoch, am ersten Februar diesen Jahres ist in Berlin auf dem Potsdamer Platz genau das passiert. Wir haben die Chance, erfolgreich für unsere Rechte zu kämpfen. Der größte Sieg der “Antis” wäre es, wenn wir nun den Kopf in den Sand stecken und jammern würden “Das schaffen wir eh nie”.

    Hopefully you'll soon stop trolling on Wikipedia and elsewhere. You are not the king of zoophiles. We know who you are. you're a s transparent as air.

    1. The comments here are, first of all, unmoderated. I've only ever deleted comments to protect identities or keep things clean. Comments are published immediately without intervention by me.

      Second, I've never edited any Wikipedia articles in my life, either because I don't trust myself to or else because ethically I am actually unable to.

      The rest of this comment was addressed by Komet further down. Sorry for the late response.

  3. I just wanted to add to this, since after reading your other posts I truly believe that you are intelligent and sincere, but I think you are extremely misguided about the film 'Coming Soon' and E.F.A.

    Aside from pointing to the German zoophile-rights group who warmly embraced 'Coming Soon' and E.F.A. and joined forces with them for the historic first zoophile-rights march, I want to direct you to a Polish blogger who wrote an EXTENSIVE article about zoophilia (you and your readers will probably enjoy it after running it through Google translate, or the like) who, after being informed about the march, actually thought that 'Coming Soon' was a better tool for spreading understanding. And which scene did he choose as an example? Why, the very bull scene which you ranted and railed against in your earlier post! Here is the exchange in the comments section of his entry: http://3dno.pl/z-milosci-do-zwierzat/#comment-797548711

    Now I don't believe that you or any Polish blogger are authorities on this issue, since I don't believe in authority at all. But perhaps this will give you and your readers some insight into how non-zoophiles see this issue, and how from the non-zoophile perspective 'Coming Soon' is not seen as a mockery of zoophiles but rather an extremely effective tool at opening people's minds (as testified by your own friend's account at the pre-march screening in Berlin).

    I hope that you can keep your mind open on this just as you expect others to keep their minds open with regard to your lifestyle.

    1. On first viewing of COMING SOON, I was not concerned about whether or not the video was staged and became quite choked up at that portion of the film. As I said in this article, I do believe it is a very powerful scene, and if COMING SOON consisted entirely of scenes like this, I would be waving its banners all through the western world. What disturbs me about the film is that this very touching scene is surrounded by such nonsense. I recognize that there are many people out there who appreciate it and believe it's done good things for existing zoo rights movements, but I feel we could do much better.

    2. Google translate, Y U SO FUNNY :)))

  4. We did not ignore J.D.'s concerns about the film. In fact, we talked with one Member of E.F.A. about his concerns and asked them about their experiences with those screening in the past and about how people reacted to the film.

    I believe that to many zoophiles "coming soon" is an offensive film. But it still is a enlightening film to every other person who doesn't know anything about zoophilia and has those horrible pictures in their minds where people are raping animals. To these people, the characters in the film appear as almost normal people considering how they might have thought about us before they saw the film.

    And, finally, I am happy that there always are critical voices out there that can give us a second view on things so we can judge them more differentiated.

    Best regards,

    Komet Wuff

  5. Hi JD (Don't know what I should call you, sorry) I just wanted to ask how do you get people to take you seriously? Probably came out wrong, what I mean is how do you present evidence for zoophilia in a coherent, respectable format? It just seems like whoever I speak to thinks I'm joking or something. I just wish people would listen for a change, instead of treating me like a walking punchline or an illness at best. Any advice would be useful, thanks.

    1. Not even this blog is by far taken seriously by everyone. I like to follow back-links to it and see what people are saying about it on forums and the like, and very frequently there will be a zoophile there linking to it, or else someone who I've intrigued, and the rest of the responses are, "Oh my god get this shit off of my forum you freak." It's simply not possible to be taken seriously by everyone.

      However, you can present yourself in a clear, sane fashion by focusing on how your romantic and sexual interests are similar to, rather than different from, those of the hegemony. Help people to understand that it is an emotional thing for you, and look specifically for the support of those who care about you greatly, not simply for them to know.

      And if you need evidence for the viability of zoosexuality, I try to have accessible links on this blog for people, and I've even had some link to Zoopoint itself and successfully change minds, which has obviously given me an enormous ego.

      Once again, sorry for the very late reply; I hope to be better at keeping up with things now, and will resume posting hopefully within the next month. Thanks for reading!